Mixing your songs by an experienced professional can enhance the quality and increase professionalism to your songs. Mixing sogns is a skilled art.


Remixing can make your song fit any market or environment. Club Version or Dance Remixes are the most important to break your record in the clubs in order to make it's way to main stream radio.


So as Mixing, Mastering is the final steps between the recording studio and the manufacturing company.  Mastering is where the tracks are optimized for level and EQ, giving the recordings clarity and depth.  Mastering will give your recordings that great sound that you deserve and what the listeners desire. 


We have been promoting artists over a few decades. We know how to reach DJs, different media to advertise you and your music. It's important that you have somebody who can promote you as an "artist" and knows how music industry works. Utilizing Internet Marketing (MySpace, Facebook, YouTube with shows and interviews) and Internet sales (iTunes, Amazon, Snocap) is neccesally, but you need more than anybody else can do from home.


What type of music do you do?

I have done, Rap, Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Pop and so on. I respect all the genre of music. Check out my biography. I have great ears for any sound and LOVE music.

You have been many roles, producer, engeneer, writer, mixer and so on. What is your favorite part?

I fell in love with mixing in the ability to bring the best out of particular project.

Do you work with Indies label or independent artist, also?

Yes! Since the more media outlet is avirable to everybody, I have more chances to work with many indies record labels and independent artists. Just make sure that you get professional Mixer and Mastering for your hard-working project. That will make a huge difference when you submit your music to professionals.

You were very active in 80'S & 90'S. Did you stop making music?

I have never stopped making music, but I wanted to travel intensly and see what the rest of the world is like to broad my knowledge and experience. Mainly, I traveled in Europe and lived in Paris for four years. I was still mixing and producing new Hip-Hop, Dance and R&B talents over there in those years but most importantly, I gained international experience which I always wanted. Now, I am officially back in the United States and devote and concentrate making music which I love to do the most.